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stubout product for ambience
The main characteristic of this item is that to insert inside the plastic box a cigarette still lighted; once done it the cigarette goes out after few seconds without any worry for the smoker. The function of the STUBOUT can be easily explained as follow: the cigarette still lighted is putted in the plastic box with the open plug. Then closing the plug the cigarette goes out as the oxygen contained in the plastic box is consumed very rapidly; the safety of this procedure is granted by the rubber gasket , which is located on the plug of the lock for some of the items or inside of the plastic box for some other kind of items. This gasket do not permit the passage of the air or of other foreign organic corp.
The advantages of this item are several as for example: - it does not give forth any bad smell, it does not dirty or soil, it is not heavy to bring. it can not be used as a makeshift weapon and it can not be opened by kids from 0 to 3 years old. the use of it; it can be carried out in a pocket, in a bag, in car always in safety. - it has a nice design and it has an anatomical and ergonomic shape which make easier the handle and the grip and then - This is an ecologic product, which can be recycled and used many times thanks to the plug which can be easily removed in order to discharge all the garbage and permitting in this way the washing of the plastic box as far as the materials allowed it.

Utility of the product
The use of this item improve the environment in which we all are living, and it improves the smoker’s quality of life and of all human beings. Furthermore avoiding any embarrassment the smoker can throw out easy the stubs even if he is in place without any waste bin such as squares, beaches, park, offices, garden, ski run, waiting room or other public places where is not allowed to smoke.
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